ABI now in view

ABI now in view

The task of reversing and docking has now been made easier for the drivers of 17 ABI truck and trailer combinations, as these have now been fitted with reversing cameras by trailer and body manufacturer Serco, in cooperation with its telematics partner Ikhaya Automation.

The practical reverse aid improves safety for the public and reduces damage during docking, while also saving time by making manoeuvring easier.

Serco MD, Clinton Holcroft, says the use of cameras as reverse aids is becoming popular in Europe, where trucks are often fitted with cameras at the rear of the vehicle. The cameras are linked to an in-cab LCD screen, providing improved visibility while reversing.

The system has high-definition video, can accommodate up to four cameras, has night vision, and the rear mounted camera comes with a protective cover to prevent damage.

The cameras, which are suitable for rigid vehicles as well as horse and trailer combinations, also help deter theft. The optional video recording system assists in assessing accountability for losses and/or damages

Holcroft concludes: “The camera system and its development are in line with Serco’s drive to offer transporters leading-edge technology. The system’s relatively low entry cost makes it an attractive solution to improve safety and reduce damage.”

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