About an interlocking logistics world

About an interlocking logistics world

Detlev Duve, the MD of Dachser South Africa, discusses how interlocking capabilities can raise the bar of logistics delivery.

“To successfully expand into global markets, it is critical that companies have logistics systems and networks that are interconnected. This global linking of supply chains enables the seamless movement of products from origin to destination. 

“At Dachser, interconnectivity – or interlocking – describes a sophisticated, networked process that enables their customers to tap into new markets around the world,” Duve explains.

“In logistics our disciplines are land, sea and air transport. Together these enable the implementation of global procurement, warehousing and distribution to occur in an effective and transparent manner. Interlocking allows us to link up these elements,” he adds.

Dachser SA has recently embarked on a system revamp, including SAP integration and migrating to a global freight system. “This will give rise to a new track-and-trace system and advanced visibility for our customers and network, which will streamline our service levels more than ever before,” Duve explains.

This has also meant that Dachser, together with its customers, has had to envision and implement new logistics structures in order to accurately meet the logistics requirements of their supply chains. 

“The migration onto Dachser’s in-house warehousing system means improved efficiency, the reduction in costs and the acceleration of response times,” says Duve.

“Specific advantages for customers include easier access to global markets through a single source, real-time control via an IT interface, optimal supply and planning of production sites and warehousing, lean contract management and reduction of administrative processes, as well as complete transparency across multi-modal transport,” he adds.

“Through our network we are able to show our customers how to implement and manage sophisticated intercontinental supply chains that are consistent and standardised.

“The end result is a triathlon of transportation, which, while appearing effortless, can only be achieved through critical process understanding and implementation, as well as sustained and accurate coordination,” he concludes.

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