Altech Netstar promotes prevention over cure

Altech Netstar promotes prevention over cure

Altech Netstar has issued a stern warning to anyone thinking about committing vehicle theft, thanks to the success of the company’s Jamming Resist technology.

Jamming Resist was launched into the market late last year as part of Altech Netstar’s “Safe and Sound” product suite, and has enjoyed considerable success in preventing the theft of vehicles and freight, with a number of car and truck thieves caught by Netstar’s air and ground recovery crews.

“Ever-more sophisticated hijackers and car thieves are using GSM-signal (used in cellular technology) jammers to ensure that the vehicles cannot be tracked through their GSM signals,” says Lawrence Wordon, sales and marketing executive of Altech Netstar.

“With our new Jamming Resist technology, we are able to circumvent this illegal signal jamming activity and have, in several instances, been able to stop the theft of vehicles by catching the would-be thieves in the act.”

Altech Netstar first deployed jamming-resistant technology in 2009, and refined and tested it during 2015 in response to the increased use of GSM signal jamming devices during the theft and hijacking of both private and commercial vehicles.

“While our recovery crews are exposed to more dangerous situations by preventing the thefts and hijackings from taking place, we are saving the vehicle owner trauma, inconvenience and expense, while at the same time freeing valuable resources on our side that would have been used to track and recover the vehicle had it been stolen,” Wordon says.

“In so doing, we are showing that the adage of prevention being better than cure is still very true,” he adds. 

With Jamming Resist technology as a standard feature in all the Altech Netstar Safe and Sound products, the company offers a recovery service warranty of up to R200 000, in the unlikely event of a vehicle not being recovered.

“All commercial fleet customers will be pleased to note that these innovative features and benefits are now inherent in Altech Netstar’s Easy Fleet commercial fleet solution,” confirms Wordon.

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