An app set to revolutionise the logistics industry

An app to revolutionise the logistics industry

Imagine a logistics chain where any number of shippers and transporters are connected in real time, allowing them to fill space at lower rates.

Conceived by a Durban-based startup comprising a team with over 40 years’ combined experience in logistics in Africa, Matchbox offers just this service as a free mobile app, which is cleverly named after its ability to literally match “boxes” or containers with transporters…

“We started Matchbox to simplify the current process to find, book, track and pay for road transport in Africa,” says Anton Potgieter, founder of Matchbox.

“There is similar technology successfully operating in the United States and Asia. Matchbox will bring transparency and efficiency to road transport and reduce the cost of logistics in Africa.”

The aim of the app is to assist owner-operators of local and regional fleets to increase their loads and expand business. Transporters sign up for alerts to loads in their area, which are auctioned to the best bidder, while shippers are, in turn, offered a lower rate than current industry standards.

Some advantages of Matchbox include:

  • Shippers may choose their transporters from a verified database that includes ratings from customers as well as ongoing performance.
  • Live tracking is available on each load with a free transport management service for each transporter.
  • Transporters bid on each load, which ensures shippers get the best rates and transporters increase productivity.
  • Electronic fast pay is enabled.
  • Matchbox vets and verifies all transporters on the platform and goods-in-transit insurance is in place.
  • Inbuilt online support and live chat is available.

“Thus far the response to Matchbox has been incredibly positive. The app has the added benefit of its transport management system (TMS) which helps transporters manage their fleet and assign drivers to respond to jobs,” says Potgieter.

Drivers can also download the Matchbox app and their managers can send them all the load details directly.

“Matchbox is set to be a success in South Africa, and our immediate future plan is to target deployment in East Africa next year,” says Potgieter.

Matchbox is currently available for Android devices for the South African market.

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