Auto dealers are now SYNC’d

Auto dealers are now SYNC’d

TransUnion Auto Information Solutions, in partnership with Imarda Technologies SA, has introduced TU SYNC to South African auto dealers.

This self-powered tracking device combines wireless, real-time tracking with stock management and full integration into third-party back-end systems. With up-to-the-minute information on the location of their vehicles, dealers can proactively manage risk.

TransUnion Auto information solutions director, product development, Krisben Reddy, says as dealers stock a myriad of vehicles at a time, challenges of theft and vehicle tracking can arise.

“TU SYNC addresses these challenges by providing real-time tracking with alerts that can be customised and configured to suit the dealer’s needs,” Reddy adds. Furthermore, the device provides up-to-date stock profiles and aids in improving efficiency through its automated stock-control process.

With the use of GPS and its cloud-based solution, TU SYNC allows dealers to customise their tracking system. Test-drive parameters can be set, for example.

As a wireless system, TU SYNC can be installed in just 90 minutes. Since units are not hardwired into vehicles, they can be removed and reused; enabling the dealer to rotate devices when their vehicles are sold or replaced.

Dealers can also sell the units to the buyer who can, in turn, leverage off TransUnion’s cost-effective consumer vehicle tracking service, TU SYNC MyCar.

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