Brilliant back-up and trendsetting tyres

Brilliant back-up and trendsetting tyres

Dunlop has an impressive and proven range of truck tyres that it supplies with equally-impressive levels of service back-up and training – and Truck Test 2012 provided the perfect showcasing opportunity.

As reported last month, Dunlop has extended its Transteel range of truck and bus tyres with a new dedicated trailer tyre – the Transteel 833, designed and manufactured specifically for fitment to super-single trailer axles.

Thanks to advanced technology and modern compounding processing machinery, the Transteel 833 features a number of technological product enhancements, developed to withstand the most severe operating conditions.

Dunlop says the integrity of the tyre casings is so sound that it offers qualifying fleet operators a complete range of tyres with a written guarantee on the first and second retread life.

The Dunlop Transteel truck radial range is designed to provide comprehensive performance solutions for long haul, regional and short haul routes, as well as specialist applications.

Brilliant back-up and trendsetting tyresThe range of applications is evidenced by the fact that companies such as PUTCO, Great North Transport, Buscor, Spiros Transport, Reinhardt Transport and Imperial Logistics all equip their fleets with Dunlop tyres – as do luxury mainline coach operators like Intercape Mainliner and Protours.

Customers have the added advantage of a dedicated, full back-up support system. These support services include:
* Computerised scrap tyre analysis – these reports identify primary causes for tyre scrapping, which facilitates cost-saving corrective action.
* Route surveys – fleet operational routes are analysed to ascertain what factors affect tyre wear and tear as well as tread life.
* Load studies – a representative cross-section of vehicles in a fleet are weighed to determine the correct tyre pressure for loads carried on all axle positions.
* Heat tolerance – all tyres have a heat tolerance level, and are accurately assessed in this regard.
* General maintenance – conducted on all wheel positions, this includes pressure checks and visual inspections for any vehicle faults that could affect the tyres’ performance. All tyres are monitored and a full report on their operating performance is issued to the customer. In an attempt to extend the body of knowledge surrounding its tyres, Dunlop also takes heed of customer suggestions related to the optimisation of tyre performance.

Finally, a range of training programmes is offered to Dunlop Transteel customers. These take place at selected branches and fleet depots. Drivers are trained in correct tyre application and maintenance, professional driving skills and correct truck, tractor and trailer maintenance. They learn techniques and acquire skills that will enable operators to achieve the best return on their tyre investment and result in the lowest possible cost per kilometre.

The commitment of Apollo Tyres South Africa, manufacturer and distributor of Dunlop, to full back-up, technical assistance and training has assured the company of long-standing professional relationships with its clients. We’re willing to bet that its presence at Truck Test 2012 will have opened its doors to a few more.

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