Built locally with South African pride

Built locally with South African pride

FAW continues its trendsetting path in local truck manufacture. The company’s local truck line-up includes the ever-popular FAW 28.380 FT 6×4 truck tractor.

“Not only are we producing our entire local offering of FAW trucks right here in South Africa, but we’re doing so at the best quality levels, comparable to – if not better than – our FAW parent company in China,” says Yusheng Zhang, CEO of FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA. “The range, consisting of 11 models, is being built in a plant, which came on stream only in July last year.”

Zhang adds: “Since the opening of the Coega plant, we officially started building our own tipper bodies at our bodybuilding facility, which became operational in January this year, and is situated adjacent to our manufacturing plant. This allows our customers to buy from one source – simplifying warranties and maintenance.”

The FAW local truck line-up includes the ever-popular FAW 28.380 FT 6×4 truck tractor, popularly called the FAW J5.

Many satisfied FAW customers swear by this workhorse. One such happy customer is Buks van Rensburg, managing director of Buks Haulage Limited (BHL). These FAW units are used in his 130-vehicle fleet. Last year he ordered 100 of these units. Van Rensburg sings the praises of the FAW 28.380 FT: “For me there is only one truck that works in Africa – that’s the J5.”

Asked about why he chose the FAW brand, and the FAW 28.380 FT in particular, Van Rensburg quickly dons the business executive hat. “It’s simple – FAW provides cost-effective ownership, together with a dependable and easy-to-operate product and great after-sales support. FAW’s products are easy to service and maintain at our self-service depots in Ndola and Solwezi, Zambia. Our drivers love them and BHL gets optimul fleet efficiency.”

“Who can argue with 2,1 km per litre on a side-tipper and 2,5 km per litre on a tri-axle flat deck? Since I have incorporated the FAW vehicles into my fleet, I have realised a ten percent saving on fuel alone. On fleet utilisation I have increased my uptime from 65 to 95 percent,” says a very satisfied Van Rensburg.

Late last year, FAW SA sprang into action to assist Harrismith farmers after a devastating fire in the region, which left livestock without natural feed. “There are more FAW owners, per capita, in the Harrismith area than in any other municipal district,” says Zhang.

FAW SA purchased a large load of livestock feed and had it delivered, by an impressive-looking FAW 28.380 FT truck tractor, to representatives of Free State Agriculture and the Harrismith Disaster Relief Fund.

The FAW 28.380 6×4 truck tractor was the perfect choice to run with the load of emergency feed. It is a popular choice among the farming community, because of its durability and reliability, and the fact that it is simple to maintain.

In its favour, it has a permissible gross combination mass (GCM) of 56 t, which is powered by the proven Weichai engine (Euro 2) delivering a smooth 280 kW at 2 200 r/min and a torque rating of 1 460 Nm between 1 400 and 1 600 r/min.

The FAW 28.380 is fitted with a FAW nine-speed synchromesh manual transmission with high/low range split. The safety of the vehicle is boosted with full air dual-circuit brakes. This model carries the standard two-year/200 000 km warranty, supported by over 30 sales or service outlets across southern Africa.

“We’ve had a presence in South Africa since 1994 – so this year marks our ‘rite of passage’. Throughout this period, we have demonstrated our commitment to this country, our sales and service partners, and, most importantly, to our loyal customers,” says Zhang.

“The latest investment we are making – to bring in an all-new medium-sized truck range to the southern Africa customers – is testament to our commitment. Over the last four years, we have spent in excess of R800 million in this region – and our investment will be ongoing.

“One of the reasons for our success has been our relationships with many other world-class partners. We take our partnerships very seriously and we see our business relationships within Africa as most important.

“Our fundamental vision for this region, using South Africa as a base, is to ensure that the FAW brand becomes a household name across the length and breadth of this great continent. In so doing, we hope to significantly contribute to job creation and the general stimulation of the local and African economies.

“The FAW 28.380 FT truck tractor is helping us achieve this vision. Priced at a very favourable R680 000 (excluding VAT) for the FAW 28.380 FT chassis cab, FAW, will surely make inroads into the local market,” concludes Zhang.

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