Damaged tyres put you at risk

Damaged tyres put you at risk

Did you go away this Easter? Did you remember to check the condition of your car’s tyres? According to Goodyear, badly maintained or damaged tyres are among the most widespread factors contributing to accidents in South Africa.

“Tyres are undoubtedly the most critical safety component on a vehicle, as they affect traction, handling, steering, stability and braking,” the company says.

Tread is one of the most obvious, and important, aspects to check on a tyre. The tread consists of grooves which make up the pattern on the tyre. “This is particularly important for the car’s performance on wet roads. Check if the tread is worn evenly or if parts of your tyre, including the sidewalls, are damaged. The tread and the sidewalls are key to the performance and safety of a tyre,” says Goodyear.

Tyres pressures should also be checked at least every fortnight.

“If you hit a pothole and you notice a vibration afterwards, or if the steering wheel doesn’t centre properly or pulls to one side, get the car checked immediately, as faults such as steering damage can lead to later expense or even an accident,” the company advises.

“Also physically check your tyres as damage may not be immediately noticeable. Watch for the development of bulges on the tyre sidewalls, which indicates serious internal damage. In this case, change the tyre immediately,” it concludes.

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