Developing super-employees

Developing super-employees

JANNIE KOEGELENBERG explains how changing one’s state of consciousness will both move people forward and encourage them to develop new, more productive associations in all spheres of life

Empowering employees is one way to create an environment in which people become more conscious of their influence within the workplace as well as in their private lives.

It’s easy to fathom if one regards the brain as a computer, a very complex computer, that consists of three levels:

• The mind – there is limited processing ability or choice at this level, thus it can be seen as the CPU (central processing unit);

• The subconscious mind – this is your memory, which records all processes throughout your life, good or bad; in other words, it is your storage system; and

• The conscious mind – generally this area of our brains is dormant as we are programmed to follow processes; we thus don’t use this very powerful creative part of our anatomy, which is just waiting to be activated.

The more conscious a person becomes, the more creative they will be. Alternatively put, one needs to be in the driver’s seat (conscious mind), thereby uniting the three operating systems.

What are the results of being in the driver’s seat? Your employees will gradually create the life they love and will enjoy participating in the workplace, thereby adding value to the business.

Furthermore, they would be creating a future both they and management would be proud of. The development would start immediately, creating a fun, vibrant place to work.

You may well ask how one can encourage staff and people in general to embrace this exciting way of living in the present.

The answer is to empower your staff within the positions they occupy. Listen to their input, after all they are performing at the coalface of the business. Empowering them will give you the time to do the planning and plotting of a growth plan that will take the company into the future.

Strategising growth and development of the business and guiding employees to strive for excellence, while providing the broad guidelines to employees to ensure future success, is the owner’s or manager’s sole function. You need to create this entrepreneurial time to ensure long-term success.

The effect of encouraging consciously aware employees will be a positive effect on the customer experience – which, as we know, will positively impact on profitability. Your brand depends on the attitude of both management and employees, and people must be considered an extension of the brand thereby bringing the company values to life.

People project your brand. Empower them, help them grow and become proud members of your business.


Jannie Koegelenberg is passionate about promoting positive customer experiences in the motor industry. He has a 38-year track record in the industry, having worked at Mercedes-Benz distributor United Cars and Diesel Distributors, Ford Motor Company and Toyota SA Marketing, before becoming dealer principal of MAN Nelspruit.

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