Enter the solutions-based market

Enter the solutions-based market

Barloworld Logistics has published its 2016 supplychainforesight study, which highlights the shift towards a solutions-based market place.

In the 13th annual supplychainforesight study – in which Barloworld Logistics reviews the journey of change and adaptation South African businesses have undertaken over the past year – the shift towards specialisation is evident.

The category of respondents termed “Other” includes a host of new job titles and roles – which is indicative of the changes taking place in roles, responsibilities and job structures … undoubtedly driven by the imperative to specialise, the company says.

“The profile of respondent industry sectors is beginning to reflect new areas of economic activity in line with the changing face of the business world, and the needs of the market for products, services, technologies and facilities,” the report notes.

“With entrepreneurial developments and niche start-up businesses, this profile of large and small industry sectors will reflect a broader base of business activities. It will also begin to reflect the growing influence of service-related ventures.”

Indeed, says Barloworld Logistics, as the market continues to evolve – with technology as its core driver – those companies that fail to specialise, become solutions-based and identify opportunities to offer real value, will undoubtedly be left behind … You can view the full report here.

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