Fast Freight flatters Fuso

Fast Freight flatters Fuso

Fast Freight Cargo can’t help but testify to the robustness and high economic efficiency of Fuso, the brand that’s proving it is synonymous with dependability, consistent reliability and variety.

The FUSO brand has firmly established itself as a key player within the light and medium truck sector by offering a wide variety of customisable applications to all businesses. This proven versatility, in any industry, has ensured that it has won over the hearts and minds of its customers.

FUSO says its trucks are especially suited to the courier and logistics industry, where the demands and needs are often extremely pressured and require a vehicle that can stand up to the test.

According to Fast Freight Couriers, it understands how demanding this industry can be, and that is why it relies on its fleet of FUSO trucks to help it deliver on its promises to customers.

Des Alberts, Fast Freight operations director, notes: “We specialise in urgent deliveries such as medicines, electronic goods and car parts and focus on deliveries to regional areas. Because of the nature of our business, we require a truck that is trustworthy and robust.

Des Alberts, operations director at Fast Freight, with two of his 53 Fuso vehicles.“Fast Freight Couriers has an extensive fleet of 53 FUSO vehicles that range in size from three to 14 tonnes. FUSO trucks are perfect for the company’s particular application and their practicality is unmatched,” Alberts adds. He believes the four-tonne, 7136 FUSO is really an outstanding vehicle: “It is rugged and can take a hammering and my drivers all agree that this is the vehicle that they prefer to drive.”

Alberts explains that Fast Freight Couriers has a loyalty principle in its business and does not chop and change between vehicle brands. To him it is about whether the vehicle can deliver on its promise, the after-sales service and the relationships that are built during the process.

“Selling someone a truck is one thing, but it is the service that you receive afterwards that really distinguishes you from the pack, and the service that we have received from FUSO has been superb. Everything, from the servicing to the way that we are treated, has been outstanding,” he adds.

With its excellent reputation for light-duty commercial vehicles, that boast high payload and ride comfort as defining features, FUSO makes a valuable contribution to developing and consolidating cutting-edge expertise within the Daimler Trucks portfolio.

The Mitsubishi FUSO Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) is an integral part of Daimler Trucks. Since May 2013, MFTBC has been producing five new, robust, fuel-efficient FUSO truck models at the Chennai plant of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles for selected export markets in Asia and Africa.

The models cover a broad spectrum of applications from industrial and commercial use, through goods transport, to public-service operations.

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