FAW Harrismith hits a milestone

FAW Harrismith hits a milestone

One of FAW’s acclaimed dealers, FAW Harrismith, scored a century when delivering the 100th truck sold by this team – a first among FAW’s southern African representatives to sell this many units through a single FAW franchised dealership.

Jianyu Hao, CEO of FAW Vehicle Manufacturers South Africa, says this exceptional sales milestone, by a single dealer, marks an evolution among the FAW representatives across southern Africa.

“With this sale of the 100th FAW vehicle, we thank the customer, VKB, for its faith in the brand and congratulate the dealership team for exceptional resilience in a tough market, and for their commitment to excellent customer service.”

Juan Wiggill, dealer principle at FAW Harrismith: “We all have a passion for the brand and are dedicated to customer service, whether on the sales, after-sales service, or maintenance side.

“Our team of staff know exactly what to do, how best to do it, and to always display friendliness and express interest in every customer’s business. The key asset to any good dealership is good, well-trained staff with the right attitude.”

Bryan Boshoff, logistics manager of VKB, says that its FAW vehicles are giving them very good fuel consumption figures, while lowering total cost of operations, thus providing great value for money.

Boshoff praises the FAW Harrismith dealership for providing VKB exceptional service, maintenance and parts support for its whole FAW fleet, which includes the FAW 7.130 (four tonne), the newer FAW 8.140 (five tonne) and a number of FAW 28.330 (13,5 tonne) units.

“This is an outstanding transport partner. Juan Wiggill has gone ‘over and above’ expectations, especially when he loaned me a FAW truck while mine was in for repair, just so that I’d have no downtime on my own transport contracts,” says Boshoff.

VKB has a fleet of 60 trucks and 400 light commercial vehicles. “Downtime is a critical element when it comes to service delivery, so it’s great to have a truck partner who understands this and the effect it has on my business,” says Boshoff.

FAW Harrismith was awarded Best FAW Dealer of the Year Award in 2014.

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