Findyourway with Findmyway

Findyourway with Findmyway

Commuting through the City of Tshwane has now become easier; thanks to it being the first area to receive the newest release of Findmyway – the urban transportation and journey planner app.

The latest version of Findmyway allows commuters to choose between all available routes and public transport options, simply by entering their destination. Based on live data from participating transport operators in the city, Findmyway presents the user with the various routes and modes they can take, arranged by cost or travel time.

Users can choose the best route, locate themselves on the map, and even search for nearby points of interest such as shops, museums, or restaurants. The app includes an interface where commuters can communicate directly with government about delays, accidents or service delivery, and cities can make announcements to update users about road conditions or closures.

Findmyway was released by WhereIsMyTransport (WIMT), a South African-based start-up focused on providing innovative transport solutions for cities at home and abroad, in conjunction with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)’s Earth Hour City Challenge.

The Challenge took the form of a race across the city on March 28 to promote sustainable movement and environmental awareness. Racers used the app to plan routes with the least carbon emissions.

“We wanted to give commuters real choice, and cities a real insight into commuter needs,” says WIMT co-founder, Devin de Vries. “The solution starts with access for commuters, access to information, to movement, and to their cities.”

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