Getting things right

Getting things right

In general, people tend to focus on the negative things in life, but it’s good to look on the brighter side every now and again. Rea Vaya’s C2 service to Jabulani Mall, situated in the heartland of Soweto, is brightening up the lives of numerous commuters.

“I find the bus service to be convenient and much better than using my car. It is cheaper as well,” says Moipone Mokholo, a regular shopper at the mall.

Mokholo adds that she seldom drives her car to the mall these days as she lives just a few metres from Thokoza Station in Rockville, Soweto. “And I am now able to save money on transport and parking costs.”

Using the C2 service, a trip from Thokoza Park to Jabulani Mall takes less than 10 minutes and costs R7,20. Starting from the Park, the C2 bus passes through the Moroka, Dlamini and Jabulani suburbs – servicing Maponya Mall before ending in Dobsonville.

Another commuter, Nandi Hlubi, says she prefers to use the bus because it provides better connectivity within Soweto to Jabulani Mall. “I now have easy access to the mall thanks to Rea Vaya.” She previously had to take two taxis to get to work at the shopping centre.

Mduduzi Magudulela joins the praises as she describes the service as a vital link between the mall and surrounding areas in Soweto. “I use the bus twice a week to shop at Jabulani Mall and I love the fact that I don’t have to wait long for its arrival.”

However, Rea Vaya’s operations manager for fare collection, Bamabata Hlubi, points out that the recent fare adjustment and introduction of smart cards has resulted in a drop in the number of people using the C2 feeder service. “Unfortunately, people now have to plan for their trips, unlike in the past when they could just hop on to a bus without thinking of the fare,” Hlubi explains.

But, all in all, Rea Vaya is getting things right.

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