GO TALK with Geotab

GO TALK with Geotab

GO TALK, a new driver awareness tool, has been launched by fleet telematics technology provider Geotab. Designed to transform the way driver coaching happens behind the wheel, GO TALK provides real-time verbal feedback to drivers.

GO TALK is an add-on module for the Geotab GO7 vehicle tracking device. It also passes information – on driver behaviour and the effectiveness of responses to the audible coaching – back to the fleet management centre.

With virtually infinite options for events that trigger a message to the GO TALK device itself, the new solution is said to offer a wide range of safety and security advantages.

Examples of these include not fastening the seatbelt, over revving the engine, or driving excessive hours. Fleet managers can extend the default functionality by adding customised event triggers into the fleet management control system.

“GO TALK is another big step forward in coaching fleet drivers and improving driving standards,” says Frans Joubert, CEO of Geotab Africa.

“The solution has road and driver safety at its heart. I believe it has the power to transform fleet safety to an advanced level, but fleet managers will also recognise the fuel savings and improved productivity that GO TALK will deliver,” he adds.

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