Great things to come

Great things to come

Renault Trucks Southern Africa is entering a ground-breaking era in its history

“This is a big year in the history of Renault Trucks in southern Africa. We are currently planning the launch of two new product ranges in October and are, therefore, very optimistic about our prospective performance in the market in 2014,” says Herman Venter, general manager for commercial sales at Renault Trucks Southern Africa. “We are aiming to steadily increase our market share over the next 36 months.”

Renault Trucks is present in over 100 countries, with 14 000 employees throughout the world. Although the company’s primary vocation is to design, manufacture and sell commercial vehicles, it does a great deal more than that to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. It aims to advise customers during the decision-making and purchasing process, via recommendations, expert insight and financing solutions, as well as throughout their vehicles’ operating lives.

Since 1894, building on the legacy of more than a century of innovative French truck know-how, Renault Trucks supplies transport professionals with the tools they need to more efficiently conduct their business. The company also forms part of the Volvo Group, the world’s second-largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, which provides it with access to the best resources and expertise globally.

Roll on October

In October 2014, Renault Trucks SA will be introducing the new C-range, which is intended for light construction, as well as the K-range, which is aimed at more heavy-duty construction applications. At present, Renault Trucks SA has the successful Kerax, Midlum and Premium Lander ranges in its stable.

Renault Trucks Southern Africa is set to build on the foundations laid by vehicles like the successful Premium Lander.The manufacturer is currently deploying significant resources to ensure that the new ranges deliver maximum reliability when they are introduced into the country. They are undergoing exacting quality trials and are also being tested under actual operating conditions. Ruggedness, working comfort, payload, pulling power, new engines, low fuel consumption and easy body mounting – all make these trucks the perfect tools for demanding construction businesses.

The cab is one of the most striking features that will be offered by these new construction vehicle ranges, since it is more spacious, more comfortable and more ergonomic with its use of rotating buttons. A step on the side of the vehicle has also been incorporated into the design, which will allow drivers to easily check their loads. The vehicles will also offer failsafe ruggedness with reinforced protection for all exposed parts that are liable to suffer impacts.

The design of the new Renault Trucks range of vehicles is dedicated to achieving efficiency. The manufacturer’s designers have chosen to focus on the truck’s role as a tool that serves fleet owners – enabling them to carry out their assignments as efficiently as possible.

From the outset, the objective of saving fuel has been a major component of the design, resulting in the vehicle’s aerodynamics being modelled to obtain the highest possible air-penetration performance.

“We believe that by doing this, Renault Trucks supports fleet owners – specifically the construction industry – in their contribution to the development of the region’s economies. Trucks play a truly vital role in southern Africa, not just by carrying goods, but by ensuring the continued operation of a vast range of services,” says Venter.

Expert local support

In South Africa, the Renault Trucks dealer network is integrated with that of Volvo Trucks, offering customers caring, innovative and efficient support.

With the introduction of the new range, Renault Trucks SA will also reaffirm the brand’s commitment to its South African customers, with advanced service and aftermarket offerings that will be introduced with the launch of the new product ranges.

Venter explains: “As transport operators expand their operations throughout the region, we know our Renault Trucks dealers are there to capture this market demand and support customers every step of the way. We believe our dealers are experts in their field. They are completely customer-focussed and are, therefore, able to provide our customers in the region with unparalleled support and service.”

He adds: “The new K- and C-ranges will create a completely new platform for Renault Trucks SA and set the brand up for the future. We are working hard and putting everything in place to ensure ultimate success for our customers.”

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