Imperial Logistics delves into driver automation

Imperial Logistics delves into driver automation

Imperial Logistics has launched an automated briefing system for drivers, which it says is an African first.

Developed by Imperial, self-briefing “kiosks” – which are much like the self-service check-in stations used at airports – have been installed at Imperial sites. Drivers access the biometric system using their fingerprints.

It has been found that that staff are more willing to declare facts and answer questions during the self-briefing session, than they might be when sitting face-to-face with a supervisor.

“If a driver has forgotten to take medication that he needs, it is easier for him to be open with the self-briefing portal. An issue like this would be flagged, the driver would have a session with a controller, and the problem can be quickly and easily remedied,” explains chief strategy officer Cobus Rossouw.

“The system will not allow the driver to clock in unless he has had the required 12-hours of rest. If he is taking chronic medication for a condition like diabetes, for example, he will be asked questions to ensure that he has taken his medication,” Rossouw adds.

This initiative is reducing the risk in Imperial’s operations, while at the same time expanding employees’ exposure to the latest industry technology and providing opportunities for their growth and development.

“Our drivers are very proud to be able to tell their family members that they are now using computers at work,” says Rossouw. The same system is also being used by Imperial for post-trip driver debriefing.

Tanker Services, a division of Imperial Logistics, is rolling out the automated-briefing programme across all its operations. Already running successfully in Tanker Services’s Fuel and Gas division, this project consists of a comprehensive system in which every driver’s personal and professional information is stored – from driving certificates, licences and training updates, to driver ratings, incident reports, medical details and chronic medication.

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