Keeping (C)track

Keeping (C)track

Ctrack supplied equipment for Truck Test 2013 to assist with the monitoring and recording of operating times of all the vehicles that participated. FOCUS speaks to Eugene van Niekerk, new business development manager for Ctrack Fleet Management SA, to find out more.


In a nutshell, the Ctrack information was used as verification of how, when and where vehicles were driven during the Truck Test event. For this year’s Truck Test, the company supplied the Ctrack Wireless rechargeable monitoring units.

Van Niekerk explains: “Ctrack Wireless is available as a self-powered monitoring device which can be used in many different operational applications such as trailer tracking, generators, containers etc. It is available in two variations – non-rechargeable and rechargeable. Ctrack Wireless can report to the Ctrack MaXx remote client server software, or to the Ctrack Online web software where all the movements can be monitored and reported on.”

Ctrack Wireless records all GPS information, including GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude), data and time, speed, heading and virtual distance. Van Niekerk elaborates: “This GPS information is included in every position packet a Ctrack unit records, which is combined with a status of the vehicle – which shows what the vehicle was used for – whether it was driving, stationary, speeding or switched off.”

Keeping (C)trackHe adds: “Ctrack Wireless includes a movement sensor. This activates the unit as soon as movement is detected from the vehicle and it then starts recording the information. All the Ctrack Wireless onboard parameters can be managed from the Ctrack MaXx software and can be updated as requirements change.”

Furthermore, Ctrack Wireless is self powered and can therefore be used in operations where assets must be monitored but where there is no external power source available.

Van Niekerk concludes: “Ctrack again provided valuable information to the organisers of the Truck Test, especially when vehicles slowed down and were pulled off at the weighbridge between Rustenburg and the refuelling point at Engen Hartbeespoort. Organisers could see exactly where vehicles were on the route and when they were expected back at the refuelling point.”

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