Lighting the darkness

Lighting the darkness

Running day and night on South Africa’s mostly dark national roads needn’t be overly hazardous due to a lack of visibility. The new Cibié LED spotlights are now available locally – rated up to a class-leading 1 200 Lumen.

Three auxiliary high beam spotlights are being offered: the 180 mm Oscar (rated at 700 Lumen) and two versions of the 230 mm Super Oscar (rated at 1 200 Lumen). The top-spec version of the Super Oscar also incorporates an LED daytime running light bar through the centre of the light.

The lights are designed and manufactured to operate reliably in the toughest environmental conditions, and are put through a variety of tests. The standard corrosion-resistance test exposes them to 400 hours of salt spray, while the water-resistance test includes being swamped in 30 centimetres of water for a total of one hour.

The lights are available from Automotive Technology Specialists (ATS) and pricing starts at R4 070.

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