Nigel Webb – passion personified

Nigel Webb has grown Latitude Fleet Services to include the Fleet Solutions online portal.

When you hear someone utter the words − “I am not finished yet” − after a 35-year run within a fleet-management career, that’s when you know that you have a stellar person in your midst. THATO TINTE reports

These were the words of founder and former managing director of Imperial Fleet Services, Nigel Webb, who has proved to be a force to be reckoned with in the fleet game.

“I have been in the fleet-management industry since 1980. When I decided to leave corporate life in 2002, I felt that there was a need for experienced fleet-management consultancy services,” explains Webb.

This saw the birth of Latitude Fleet Services in 2003 – an independent fleet-management consultancy active in the public and private sectors. The company focuses on reducing fleet costs and improving efficiency of businesses through a range of service offerings.

Webb is passionate about the industry and this is evidenced in his long list of achievements. Although modest about his successes, Webb has many professional accolades including launching South Africa’s first accident-management company while at Imperial Fleet, known as Collision Management Services.

Since its inception, Latitude Fleet Services has established an “A-grade” customer list. In addition, the company has recently launched Fleet Solutions – an online portal that identifies suppliers of a complete range of fleet management services in one domain. Webb says it is the only one of its kind in the country.

“As a consultant, you need to determine the required fleet management solution and know where to find trustworthy and competent suppliers,” says Webb, adding that these answers aren’t always easily available. This is where Fleet Solutions features.

Having worked with a wide range of suppliers has allowed Webb to assess their capabilities. These suppliers are now active participants in Fleet Solutions.

Fleet Solutions lists in excess of 20 fleet suppliers, with representation in over 70 service categories.

With people of Webb’s calibre active in the industry, the future of fleet management looks bright.

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