Number one in fuel

Number one in fuel

Engen, last year’s FOCUS on Excellence Winner for Best Supplier of Fuel, has once again been nominated for this prestigious award. FOCUS finds out what makes the company such a popular fuel supplier among transport operators.

Being a preferred supplier of fuel to the trucking industry is about more than simply supplying diesel to transport operators. Considering that fuel constitutes a very significant portion of an operator’s running costs, it goes without saying that a supplier must offer a fuel that is as efficient as possible, but it doesn’t end there. Taking into consideration the nature of transport operations – the frequent trips that must be made and the long distances that must be travelled – a fuel supplier must offer a holistic service that streamlines and simplifies this continuous process as much as possible.

With this in mind, Engen has instituted various initiatives specifically aimed at assisting transport operators. One example is the company’s Engen Diesel Club (EDC), a programme designed to create a fuel management and control solution for fleet managers that assists with fuel cost savings, combating fuel theft and fraud and the supply of accurate and timely fleet reporting.

“We try and make the Engen experience as hassle free as possible,” states John Kennedy, commercial business manager for Engen. “We do this by combining programmes aimed at transporters – like EDC – via an excellent product and comprehensive facilities aimed at meeting the needs of truckers.

Indeed, Engen’s Truck Stops are well known for offering commercial vehicle drivers an opportunity to relax and recharge in a comfortable environment.

“The needs of commercial vehicle drivers are very different from those of motorists,” asserts Kennedy. “Of course, they also need fuel and food like motorists, but, in addition to this, you should also be able to offer them showers, possibly even accommodation, security and ample safe parking for their vehicles.

While the company’s award nomination shows that – in the eyes of transporters – it has succeeded in this challenge, the question remains: what is the key to this success?

“Firstly, we have a vast network of depots, service stations and truck stops that allow us to reliably meet the demands of customers wherever they might be. Secondly, we have representatives and key account managers that are experts in their field and hence add real value to a client’s operations,” says Kennedy.

According to Kennedy, it all comes down to creating sustainable, long-term relationships with clients based on trust.

“You have to deliver on your promises and be honest in your commitment to service. It is important not to create expectations that cannot be met. You have to understand the needs of the customer and offer him/her the best service possible,” concludes Kennedy.

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