Stand in good Steed

Stand in good Steed

Chinese vehicles are definitely becoming a force to be reckoned with … In its category, GWM’s Steed 5 has achieved a solid second place in the annual Kinsey Report – which analyses the prices of parts of South Africa’s best-selling vehicles.

Competing in the double-cab segment, along with seven other vehicles, the Steed 5 had the second most-affordable parts basket.

One example, which was highlighted, includes the cost of a replacement driver’s-door-window glass. The GWM’s window glass costs only R326, while the same item demands a hefty R2 170 for a popular Japanese contender.

“GWM is a value brand,” says COO Warren Olsen, “and this does not apply only to the purchase price of our vehicles. GWM South Africa has worked very hard to ensure the type of parts back up that customers of long-established brands enjoy. To this end, it constructed a vast warehouse at its headquarters in Durban to house parts valued at R200 million.”

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