STOP PRESS! Truck test 2012 partners with RFA Convention!

Truck Test 2012

There has been a huge amount of hype surrounding Truck Test 2012… and now we can announce a huge development in that regard: Truck Test 2012 will take place in conjunction with the RFA Convention!

This is an extremely significant development; these are the two most important events on the transport industry’s calendar this year.

The truck test, which commences on May 19, 2012, will leave from Johannesburg and drive to Durban, which is where the RFA Convention takes place this year. We are partnering with King Shaka International Airport, which is just down the road from Zimbali. The trucks will be parked there, and delegates will have the opportunity to test drive the trucks at the airport during the convention.

Importantly, because this is private property, delegates’ partners will also be able to get behind the wheel of the utterly sensational vehicle line-up. We know this is going to be a hit with the partners – we are constantly inundated with requests from members of the public who dream of getting behind the wheel of a truck. Well now is their chance (assuming that they are allied to the RFA Convention, that is; this privilege is exclusively available to delegates and their partners).

All manufacturers and operators of extra-heavy trucks are invited to enter the event, which is planned to be bigger, better and more useful than anything ever achieved before. For instance, we anticipate giving the first results (pertaining to the run to Durban) exclusively to delegates at the RFA Convention. As such, this industry highlight will become even more fascinating and insightful. “We are delighted to be partnering with FOCUS,” notes Sharmini Naidoo, CEO of the RFA.

“The purpose of the truck test is to showcase the performance of trucks or concepts in a controlled environment and to enable manufacturers and operators to use the results in day-to-day operations as benchmarks,” explains Naidoo. “We believe the results will be invaluable for our members.”

Ancillary companies – which don’t manufacture trucks – can come on board as sponsors. Engen has been the first company to come on board; it is sponsoring all the fuel. (Thank you, Engen!)

According to Fritz Hellberg of Hellberg Transport Management, chief organiser of the event, the purpose is to showcase the performance of trucks or concepts in a controlled environment, while providing results that can be transposed into day-to-day operations as benchmarks. “It will also provide an excellent opportunity to compare Euro-2 engines with Euro-4 or even Euro-5 engines,” he says.

According to Hellberg, the test has the potential to be repeated annually. “For the 2012 test we will run 6×4 prime movers coupled to semi, drawbar, or interlink trailers,” he explains. “Each entrant will use the configuration of their choice and must supply the rig complete with a load and driver. Results will be compared to simulation results generated by TransSolve.”

He says trucks will be monitored through pre-test checks to verify stock-standard specifications and compliance with mass and dimensional regulations. “Physical monitoring will also be done by an observer while travelling. Vehicle-tracking equipment will be used to monitor compliance with speed limits and to establish start and stop times during the test. Fuel usage is to be measured at the end of each run to calibrate on-board fuel flow meters.”

The trucks will return to Johannesburg on May 22, 2012. The results of the return run and the combined results will be published in FOCUS in the June and July issues of the magazine.


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