Supporting cost efficiency

Supporting cost efficiency

What do you get when you combine an efficient vehicle, trained drivers and staff, and a portfolio of solutions for all things cost-related? MAN Automotive SA has the answer

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is the key term in cost accounting for those wanting to assert and boost their position in the market amid growing competition.

The purchase price and fuel consumption remain the obvious main factors when it comes to the use of a commercial vehicle. However, by considering the direct and indirect follow-up costs in a careful and consolidated manner, allows for a solid long-term forecast to keep the overall balance positive in the future.

“When it comes to transparency of overall truck operating costs, MAN’s approach is to provide reliability, information and service,” says Dave van Graan, head of special sales projects at MAN Automotive SA.

“The perfect balancing of vehicle, driver and services, combined and connected within an integrated approach, contributes significantly to a company’s efficiency and success,” says Van Graan.

The most efficient vehicle
Every transport company’s work is based and centred on its fleet of vehicles. One of MAN’s own vehicle solutions is EfficientLine 2, a proven efficiency champion made up of the TGS range of vehicles, aptly demonstrated by the performance of the TGS 26.480 6×4 BLS LX Cab in the 2017 Truck Test.

To enhance results, it is important that the correct vehicle selection must be made for local and application-specific operating conditions.

“While Western Europe has embarked on the latest rendition of Euro-6 engine technology, with EfficientLine 3 attributes, South African operators still prefer the Euro-2 and Euro-3 emission standard of engine technology with the EfficientLine 2 enhancement package due to the differences in their local requirements.

“We aim at optimisation of vehicle operating efficiency, which results in payload productivity factor improvement, as well as vastly reduced fuel consumption. These values were proved in the recent Truck Test where our TGS 26.480 delivered exceptional results,” Van Graan rejoices.

This is aided by consistent optimisation of the entire driveline and the latest evolution of the enhanced, more durable and fuel-efficient MAN D26 engines, which provide increased torque, higher performance and dependable reliability.

The trained driver
All drivers will need the chance to get acquainted with the innovative technology in their vehicles, to familiarise themselves with it and learn how best to use it. This is achieved through ProfiDrive, MAN’s trademark brand for professional driver training products to MAN customers globally.

ProfiDrive brings together 35 years of international experience and more than 120 internationally certified trainers across 67 countries. ProfiDrive training methods were originally adopted in South Africa in 2013, with official certification and launch in late 2015,” explains Dean Temlett, MAN support and projects manager.

“We look for every opportunity to enable drivers to thoroughly exploit the existing features on the vehicle, combined with sound driving techniques and principals that maximise both economy and safety. By doing this we take existing professional drivers to the next level,” Temlett says.

The most popular ProfiDrive training course is the three-day Intensive Programme, geared towards senior drivers and driver trainers. Since inception, participants have achieved an average improvement in fuel consumption and productivity of ten and 20 percent respectively.

“Most of these participants come to this course with a lot of experience. They are at the top of their game and think they already know all there is to know about vehicle performance – so when we present these figures, they are generally blown away by the improvements. Now imagine what could be achieved by drivers who are not yet at that level,” Temlett exclaims.

The techniques adopted at ProfiDrive target the best speed and turnaround time, so that the optimal productivity can be achieved first. Thereafter, customers can decide internally to negotiate trade-offs in their operation.

Top-class service
A wide range of services on offer complete the support for the total cost accounting, starting with MAN TeleMatics – the smart fleet-management system operators can use to keep a constant eye on their fleet. All the functions including vehicle information, trip planning, and even the archiving of data from the digital tachographs, are combined in MAN TeleMatics.

MAN ServiceCare is one of the most popular extensions to the basic telematics system offered by MAN.

MAN Automotive also offers products in the areas of finance through MAN Financial Services, approved used vehicles with MAN TopUsed, MAN Service (repair and maintenance contract options) and, in the event of a breakdown, Mobile24 – the MAN breakdown service for trucks and buses, which ensures that MAN customers are not left to fend for themselves.

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