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Neil Hattingh, chief executive officer of Skygistics, aims to make the company a one-stop-shop for all communication needs.

Skygistics aims to be a global one-stop-shop for all communication needs, ranging from fleet management to providing telecommunication infrastructure in mining, construction and government organisations. With its latest restructuring it may just achieve this and much, much more.

Skygistics, a South African-based wireless data communication company, has gained an impressive reputation in the satellite business during its existence, stretching over the past 12 years. The company has kept up with market trends throughout this period, conquering the ever-expanding and unpredictable nature of technology. Skygistics used the past 18 months as a restructuring phase, gaining an even greater foothold in this rapidly changing market.

Neil Hattingh, chief executive officer of Skygistics, points out that the hi-tech communication sector will advance even further – supplying information rather than data. “At the end of the day we want to provide our clients with meaningful information, rather than a huge amount of static data. We will thus handle the sifting process on behalf of our customers, enabling them to make important decisions in a shorter time span.” explains Hattingh.

This is why Skygistics underwent its solutions restructuring phase, ensuring that clients have the best quality and business, expanding the company’s impressive reputation. Skygistics has invested in new product development that will take the company to the next level. Hattingh says that Skygistics will add additional products to its arsenal in 2012 to secure its vision of providing the best possible solutions to existing and potential clients.

These information transmitting devices will cover the whole spectrum, from Low Data Rate (LDR) to the highest data transfer products available. On the LDR side of the scale Skygistics will offer a device with an 11 byte capacity, which is next-to-nothing in the digital world, but the company adds intelligence to this piece of equipment to provide a reliable and affordable solution to its clients. This will ensure a small, but continuous stream of information to clients, which can be used for real-time decision making.

The mSKY IDP, which the company launched recently, delivers 37 times more data and caters for the high-end of the communications range with its performance rate of 10 000 bytes – sending and receiving information on a global level to even the most remote locations. “This unit will enable two-way-communication in a mere 45 seconds, which is impressive for any satellite type product,” explains a proud Hattingh.

Skygistics also provides a hybrid fleet management device, which switches between Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM – the original technology for second generation cellular networks, which laid the foundations for GPRS, EDGE and 3G) and GPS. The benefit of the product is that it provides seamless cost effective asset management locally and in remote Africa regions.

“We know that the world is a global village and our products are designed for the international market,” says Myrtle du Preez, general manager of sales for Skygistics.

Skygistics has made a huge investment into developing and designing hardware agnostic software. Hattingh has extended an invitation to the market to explore the new SKY Q software and so experience a new dimension in the world of technology.

Skygistics also provides finance options on hardware, therefore making it a truly one-stop-solution-shop. “We understand the business; and are aware of the challenges that our clients face. Our aim is to ensure that our clients find it easy to do business with us and ensure that Skygistics is the first name that pops up when they require service,” says Du Preez. Strategic channel partners have been appointed and a decentralization programme is moving the business closer to its customers, ensuring quality services at the right price. Skygistics has expanded to 25 countries, including a wholly owned subsidiary in Perth, Australia.

It is clear that Skygistics is the one-stop solution for all communication needs, providing the latest products at affordable prices. Only time will tell exactly how high this brand will soar.

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