Twizt and shout

Twizt and shout

Is a bike not the right option – and a van too big – for your business needs? Well, Renault has “twizted” the rules and come up with something that brings the best of both worlds, writes SEAN NURSE.


Have you ever looked at a cargo van and thought that it was just too darn big, spacious and practical? Well Renault has announced a solution; enter the Twizy Cargo, a single seat, compact electric vehicle (at 2,3 m long, 1,2 m wide, 1,4 m high and weighing 474 kg, we do mean compact) for business use.

The Twizy Cargo swaps a rear seat for a 180-litre boot with lockable door, for multiple business uses. The pizza guy or delivery guy at your local pharmacy are probably salivating at the prospect of ditching their commuter bikes, leaving them free to do their jobs without having the daily danger that goes with using a two wheeler.

Designed for business use, the load area is capable of accepting loads of up to 75 kilograms and the door opens out to 90°. It could be a solution for companies offering callout or support services, like IT support, with the boot taking a set of tools securely and safely. Or, even a stack of large takeaway pizzas … The load area can also be accessed directly via the cabin’s lockable door.

Twizt and shoutRenault claims it is a “run-around for all conditions, whether they’re urban, suburban, rural or even large depot site use”. Twizy Cargo has a real-world range of around 80 kilometres. Once at its destination it can be topped up with charge by using a standard three-pin plug, by way of the in-built charging cable. A full charge takes just three-and-a-half hours.

With 12,5 kW under your right foot and a top speed of 90 km/h the chances of Twizy Cargo harassing other motorists in the outside lane are pretty limited. But, in a more urban setting it should provide enough vava voom. The driver is able to get in from either side and get on the move, which may shave time off multi-drop stops. It can also be parked in motorcycle parking, where the pizza delivery guys without a Twizy can sit and admire it while hating it for stealing their parking.

With the launch of the electric Kangoo Z.E. van overseas already behind us, this second electric commercial vehicle from Renault shows that the company is looking at getting on with the business of getting customers on with their business, while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint.

Renault also offers customers the Design Your Own Twizy (DYOT) configurator tool, a concept where you can pick your own design from a palette of 43 colours and 30 pre-designed wraps, as well as preview what it would look like before proceeding. Those wishing to make their Twizy stand out even further can opt for a bespoke service, pricing for which is upon application. Should you only require doors painted it will cost you £250 (R3 770), doors and frames will set you back £395 (R5 957) and a complete vehicle wrap is for those who are feeling adventurous (and insane) is £795 (R11 989).

There is unfortunately no plan at this stage to launch the Renault Twizy Cargo locally, according to Renault South Africa. How sad!

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