30 percent! Like to save that on your energy and fuel consumption?

Ramakrishna Naag and Chrystal Erasmus are excited to bring affordable “green” products to South Africa.

The transport industry certainly isn’t a stranger to the “green” movement … But, due to some external factors, South African companies are lagging behind those abroad. Bon Consumer Products, local distributor of the Endocube and the Greentech Fuel Saving Device, is planning to change this.

Better fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions definitely are two top-of-mind topics for transport operators … Bon Consumer Products can help!

First up, the Greentech Fuel Saving Device – manufactured by United States-based Moletech International. “The product was launched in 2000, with the primary focus of reducing pollution,” says Ramakrishna Naag, MD and founder of Bon. Moletech realised, however, that the device also delivered some fuel savings. “So the company did further research to improve the fuel savings and reduce pollution.”

This led to a positive fuel reduction of up to 30 percent, which was verified during tests in more than 15 countries over a seven year period.

It achieves these savings through its Fuel Molecule Enhancer, which causes smaller droplets of fuel to be injected. This exposes a larger contact surface with oxygen for better combustion and, thus, better fuel efficiency.

The Molecule Enhancer doesn’t use any chemical reactions, instead it utilises a physical phenomenon – so there are no consumables, and no wear and tear. Essentially, the device can deliver its savings for as long as it is in the tank.

Ramakrishna Naag and Chrystal Erasmus are excited to bring affordable “green” products to South Africa.Being an engineer, Naag could see the benefits of the device and approached Moletech a couple of years ago. “They had production capacity limitations, however, due to the worldwide demand for this technology.”

He adds that, six months ago, Moletech was ready to supply Bon with units for the South African market. Since then, the company has conducted local trials and is expanding awareness of the device.

Chrystal Erasmus, Bon’s executive director, adds that, for some, these trials were a single trip. “Several customers tested Greentech in their personal vehicles and were so impressed with the fuel savings, and engine performance, that they bought it for their trucks too.”

This isn’t the only “green” product that Bon is distributing in South Africa and later in Africa, however. “The Endocube is essentially a unit for commercial refrigeration, from manufacturing and produce, to refrigerated trucks and supermarkets,” Naag explains – adding that the Endocube reduces power consumption (by 20 to 30 percent) and thus carbon emissions.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, this unit’s power-consumption savings come from what it measures … “It monitors the food temperature and not the freezer temperature,” says Naag. “So it switches the compressor on and off based on the food temperature – which means the produce remains at the right temperature and keeps fresher for longer.”

Erasmus adds: “The Endocube is also perfect for temperature-controlled distribution chains – so the whole supply chain can benefit from this product. Besides the savings on electricity, there are also massive environmental benefits resulting from lowered carbon emissions.”

She continues: “The government supports power savings by passing on tax incentives to businesses that show annual savings on power consumption. There is also a drive to lower carbon emissions, through the carbon credits act. If we can get all the big corporates to lower their power usage on refrigeration by 30 percent, it will have a huge impact on our carbon footprint as well as our electricity requirements throughout the country.”

Currently Bon has distributors in the Western Cape, North West, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. “We are setting up distributors all over South Africa, in all the provinces,” Naag points out.

Erasmus adds that the company’s website will also offer e-commerce very soon. “So people will be able to purchase our products online and we intend to partner with online distributors, such as Kalahari.com.

“We are delighted to bring affordable green products to the market, so that South Africa can become a player in the ‘green’ arena – and have a ‘greener’ environment for our future.”

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