A high-voltage warranty

A high-voltage warranty

In line with its redesigned logo and new brand image, First National Battery has announced an extended warranty for its heavy-duty Raylite truck batteries, as well as the opening of a new Battery Centre in Fourways, Johannesburg.

“Our heavy-duty Raylite truck batteries are made specifically for the challenging conditions of South African roads,” says First National Battery marketing director, Andrew Webb. “They can withstand the poor road conditions and rugged terrain that long-distance haulers (and agricultural equipment) are subjected to.”

The Raylite batteries now feature an extended, two-year warranty. In addition, they are fully equipped with world-class technological enhancements, which provide increased performance and extended cycle life, improved safety, corrosion resistance and reliability. They’re fully recyclable, too.

All-new Battery Centre opens in Fourways

Located at the Fourways Crossing Retail Centre is the latest addition to the Battery Centre family. It will offer a variety of products and services including leisure, commercial-vehicle, car and motorcycle batteries.

A team of battery specialists will assist with free battery testing and will provide immediate results. Should a battery need replacing, Battery Centre offers advice on the best options available. Battery replacement is done efficiently, getting customers back on the road as quickly as possible.

Customers can relax at the Battery Centre, have a cup of coffee and make use of free WiFi, while their battery is tested or replaced.

“Running the Randburg Battery Centre for 25 years has given us valuable insight into the needs of our customers,” says Rob Cloete, who owns the store with siblings Penny and Andrew. “We’re eager to put this knowledge to work in Fourways.”

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