A memorable year

A memorable year

Following the Professional Movers Association’s landmark 50th golden jubilee birthday in 2009, the association’s past and present presidents reflect on the year that was and look forward to the year ahead.

While 2010 will be remembered as the year Africa hosted its first FIFA Soccer World Cup, for the Professional Movers Association (PMA) it is the year 2009 that will hold its own special place in the annals of history.

As one of the oldest associations in South Africa, the PMA celebrated its 50th year in style at the Western Cape’s spectacular Arabella Hotel. Association members from around the country gathered to reminisce about the industry’s early days in South Africa, as well as to network and enjoy the occasional round of golf – not to mention the wide variety of other recreational activities available to Arabella guests.

The conference also offered a number of exciting speakers, including local football legend Gary Bailey, who spoke of the various business opportunities surrounding the FIFA World Cup. Motivational speaker Rhinus le Roux’s subject focused on the idea of “stepping up”, insisting that when we respond to the call to make a difference and step up, we tap into our own magnificent power to bring about change. Corne Krige hosted an informal discussion on what it takes to make a rugby team and Chris Hart offered an economic overview of the recession and what we can expect from 2010.

A memorable year2009 was also the year in which PMA’s first ever female president was elected to office. As the association’s 25th president, Heather Badenhorst is not only excited about this honour but also about what the future holds.

According to Badenhorst’s predecessor, Dirk Smit, one of PMA’s most notable achievements during 2009 was a generic training DVD commissioned and produced to assist PMA members with staff training. The competition for packers, porters, loaders and supervisors was also held again, with great success. This annual event provides staff with an opportunity to assess themselves within the industry, ultimately leading to better service overall for the customer. Under Smit’s leadership, the association undertook to become more transparent and to build on its reputation for professionalism.

The year ahead promises many exciting changes and challenges. According to Badenhorst, Accredited Mover of South Africa (AMOSA) audits are currently in progress and it is rewarding to see how many member companies are compliant. These audits are undertaken by Alpha Certification Services, an independent auditing company, to ensure that the same standard is maintained wherever a member may be located.

Planning for the 2010 packer, porter, loader and supervisor competition is also already underway.

Benefits of belonging to the PMA include:
•  having a combined “voice” on legislative matters through their association with the RFA;
•  greater bargaining power with unions through their association with and representation at the  RFEA;
•  being AMOSA certified;
•  having a forum in which to interact with removal companies in other areas,  thereby obtaining leads on back-loads with companies that comply with minimum industry standards.

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