Adcock Ingram partners with drivers

Adcock Ingram partners with drivers

A line-up of newly branded trucks created a colourful background as a number of owner drivers received the keys to the new vehicles at a handover ceremony at Adcock Ingram Healthcare in Midrand. The celebration marked the latest phase in the Adcock Ingram owner-driver enterprise-development initiative.

The project started in 2012 and has expanded to include teams in Cape Town, Bloemfontein and at the Adcock Ingram Critical Care facility in Aeroton.

The Adcock Ingram owner-driver scheme was developed as an innovative way to give promising candidates ownership of a business, while realising the company’s enterprise-development objectives.

“Today marks the expansion of the fleet with the addition of eight vehicles, and brings the fleet of our owner-driver entrepreneurs to 52 vehicles,” says Tobie Krige, managing director of distribution at Adcock Ingram. “I am passionate about this programme and have seen how it changes the lives of the business owners.”

Adcock Ingram partners with driversThe owner drivers are directors of their enterprises and owners of the vehicles, and usually each employ two or three assistants. Adcock Ingram contracts with the business owners to distribute its products across allocated territories.

The company empowers the drivers through training in various standard operating procedures. It also shares new logistics technologies and business-management skills, to ensure these entrepreneurs get the best shot at business success.

Meshack Matswi, one of the first-phase owner drivers, who is now established, says: “I am fortunate that my business success has enabled me to build a three-bedroom home and has given my family the financial security that allows us to live happily and without stress.”

He adds: “I have grown so much since being given this opportunity and have gained business skills that I use to run my business. These skills also empower me to assist the newer owner drivers in the development of their enterprises. It is most fulfilling and the support I have gained from management has been excellent.”

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