Aftersales service is king!

Aftersales service is king!

Each original equipment manufacturer’s vehicles deliver some pros and cons … but, according to Sallie Buonadonna, from the Buonadonna Group, after-sales service is king – it is even more important than the unit itself.

“I personally believe that after-sales service is more important than the actual vehicle,” Buonadonna emphasises. “The vehicle is important, but it’s useless if it isn’t running … you have to keep it on the road, which is where after-sales service comes into play.”

He continues: “We have a fleet of Freightliners, which is the perfect truck for our application. It delivers good fuel consumption and has great after-sales service – the most important factor of all.”

The Buonadonna Group specialises in the tanker industry, transporting bulk flour to various bakeries. “It’s a very specialised transport service, but we also have flat-decks, tautliners and tipper trucks that we use for normal applications,” Buonadonna points out.

Aftersales service is king! The company bought 11 new Freightliners from John William’s Commercial Vehicles when it expanded its fleet. “I prefer vehicle uniformity,” Buonadonna explains. “This enables the technicians to familiarise themselves with a specific vehicle, making servicing and repairs much easier.”

He add that you really have to form a partnership with the company from which you buy your trucks. “The dealer can make or break your business – your relationship and after-sales service should really be great.”

Buonadonna adds that the team at John William’s have always treated him in a professional manner and are there if he needs them. “I also believe that they sell great products.

“If I had to summarise my relationship with this dealership in one phrase, it would definitely be ‘peace of mind’.”

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