An oil for the future

An oil for the future

From keeping a truck running today to maintaining efficiency into the future: Shell Rimula R4 L makes it possible

Truck operators need to know that the oil they buy will protect their truck’s engine under all conditions. No matter how hot, cold, steep, dusty, muddy or extended the operations, operators should demand the best protection. Shell Lubricants’ range of high-performance greases and oils can help to reduce energy consumption and emissions, and increase availability of equipment.


Shell Rimula R4 L has demonstrated excellent acid and corrosion control. In the high-temperature corrosion bench test (ASTM D6594), the lubricant displayed up to 97-percent less lead corrosion than the API CJ-4 limit and a 95-percent improvement over Shell Rimula R3 MV.


Using innovative technology, Shell Rimula R4 L has been specially designed for demanding applications in mining and quarrying. It provides excellent protection against wear and corrosion and its low-sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur (SAPS) formulation protects the exhaust system catalysts and filters used on the latest vehicles.

In a real-world field test, Shell Rimula R4 L demonstrated its ability to protect bearing metals from corrosion wear. After the engine oil was changed from a general API CJ-4 oil, to Shell Rimula R4 L, the trucks showed a significantly reduced level of lead corrosion.


Shell Rimula R4 L heavy-duty diesel engine oil is formulated with adaptive additive technology that adapts physically and chemically to engines to provide dynamic protection in three key engine performance areas:

•It fights acids from fuel combustion that can cause corrosion and wear;

•It helps to control deposits and dirt in all parts of the engine;

•It helps to control wear through maintaining strongly protective oil films to help keep critical engine components working.


Shell Rimula R4 L has demonstrated strong wear-protection performance with up to 42-percent less tappet wear than the API CJ-4 limit. Tests also prove up to 30-percent less wear on the top ring and 34-percent less wear on injector adjusting screws than API CJ-4 limit.


Up to 70-percent better than the API CJ-4 limit, Shell Rimula R4 L has demonstrated strong resistance to carbon build up (deposits) during various API CJ-4 and ACEA E9 category engine tests.


Protecting the performance of a truck’s exhaust emissions control systems is important to enable vehicles to comply with legislative requirements and to support efficient operations. For instance, blocked diesel particulate filters can actually increase fuel consumption. Shell Rimula R4 L is formulated with reduced levels of ash and sulphur to help maintain the efficiency of the latest and future vehicle technologies.

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