Barloworld invests in the youth

Barloworld invests in the youth

Barloworld Logistics has pledged its commitment to a long-term partnership with the Love Trust – a local non-profit organisation that seeks to bring hope to young children in under-resourced communities by providing and supporting early childhood education.

“Barloworld is deeply committed to supporting ongoing learning and education” says Shirley Duma, HR director, Barloworld Logistics. “Critically, we understand that quality education is the cornerstone of our society and begins at the grassroots level.

“We believe that true sustainability means addressing social challenges and improving the quality of life in the communities in which we work and live,” Duma continues.

Barloworld invests in the youth Barloworld Logistics will be supporting the Love Trust’s Teacher’s Academy in Alexandra, in Johannesburg, where a class of 58 teachers will complete their training in early childhood development.

The Love Trust provides South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)-accredited NQF Level-4 training in early childhood development (ECD) to teachers and principals of ECD centres. The second stage involves support for identified ECD centres, partnering with principals to improve the standard of education.

The Love Trust says: “Studies have shown that enthusiastic, ethical, inspiring and informed teachers are one of the most important influences in a young child’s life.”

The organisation says that teachers who are trained by the Love Trust will continue to operate their own pre-schools in their communities, where they care for children between the ages of three and six during the day. They will, however, now have the correct training, theory and practical experience to run their centres more effectively.

Barloworld invests in the youth “We understand that quality education and training are one of the key solutions to solving the country’s unemployment crisis, and forward-looking organisations, such as the Love Trust, which aspire to develop successful entrepreneurs through education, need to be supported through partnerships with the private sector,” says Duma.

“The true impact of such an initiative is exponential, because if 58 teachers each educate 20 children per year for a period of five years, thousands of children will enter primary education with the necessary foundation to position them for success in their future education.

“We are tremendously excited to be a part of this project, and look forward to supporting the expansion of the Teacher Training Academy and connecting with more schools in future,” Duma concludes.

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