Cops caught out

Cops caught out

It’s a case of ja, well, no fine – literally – for some lucky Jozi motorists! We know the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) is keen on photography; the vast majority of the infringement notices it issues are for caught-on-camera offences. So imagine JPMD director Gerrie Gerneke’s horror on finding out that a speed and traffic-light camera on Republic Road in Randburg had been defective for over a year …


Following an investigation by the JMPD and its contractors, the camera located on the corner of Republic Road and the entrance to Brightwater Commons (when travelling east to west) was found to be suffering an intermittent software fault that caused speed to be incorrectly calculated.

Following a written complaint by the Justice Project South Africa on October 3, and a subsequent meeting with the JMPD on October 16, the JMPD announced that:

– All infringement notices resulting from the fault at this specific site from July 1 to August 31 this year will be administratively cancelled.

– This will apply to notices recorded on both the JMPD system and eNaTIS (the electronic national administration traffic information system).

– Those who have already paid these fines will be contacted by the JMPD and refunded. They won’t need to complete and submit an AARTO (Administration and Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act) 08 representation form as this will be an automated process.

We’d like to suggest the JMPD try using a good old-fashioned Canon!

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