Creativity squared

Creativity squared

Marketing has changed drastically since organisations fist started advertising their products … The battle for peoples’ eyes, ears and wallets, demands innovative and memorable campaigns – which Volvo Trucks has certainly mastered. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

At the beginning of the second week of April, it was time for the jury of the Art Directors Club (ADC) Awards (one of the most prestigious advertising competitions in the United States), to pick the most creative advertising campaigns. The set of six live test films for the new series of Volvo Trucks, which have been viewed more than 100 million times on YouTube, was nominated in 15 categories. It won seven gold, two silver and four bronze awards.

“For us it is a great honour … because it means that the ADC, which represents some of the world’s foremost experts in advertising, regards our marketing as the best in the world,” says Per Nilsson, director of public relations at Volvo Trucks.

In addition to winning the most accolades overall, the Volvo Trucks campaign was also awarded the ADC Black Cube, the competition’s Grand Prix title, which was last awarded in 2011.

The award is only given to nominations exhibiting exceptional levels of creativity and, in order for a nominee to be awarded a Black Cube, the jury’s decision must be unanimous. According to Volvo Trucks, the ADC jury was particularly impressed by the company’s success in reaching such a wide audience.

“When surveyed, nearly half of the truck buyers, who have seen the live test films, indicate that they would be more likely to choose a Volvo the next time they buy a new truck,” says Nilsson. “For us this is another strong sign that the campaign has been successful.”

See all the viral prizewinning videos here.

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