Ctrack and Arrive Alive stick together

Ctrack and Arrive Alive stick together

A vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions company Ctrack will continue its 10-year partnership with Arrive Alive.

Nick Vlok CEO of DigiCore, Ctrack’s JSE-listed holding company, says the company is proud to associate its brand and ethos with Arrive Alive, especially since it was the first sponsor, and has continued to be one of the main sponsors since 2003.

“We are continually looking to add value to Arrive Alive and its readers by sharing news and developments concerned with enhancing road safety and promoting better driving styles,” says Vlok.

According to Arrive Alive managing director Johan Jonck, the Arrive Alive website was inspired by worldwide efforts to promote road safety and the need for public awareness.

The website is well known for its coverage of a broad array of subjects. A total of 597 stories were posted in 2013 – dealing with issues ranging from safety features and driver and road safety, to car insurance.

Jonck adds that all the content on the Arrive Alive website is distributed to other media or companies at no cost, along with a by-line and a link to the website.  Jonck and his collaborators in other road safety campaigns around the country are also often called upon to give speeches and presentations on road safety.

“I want Arrive Alive to be an information portal where everybody can access credible and useful write-ups,” he says. “My objective is to make sure nobody can say they ‘did not know’. We want to have information easily accessible, and I want to give the best possible exposure to my partners and contributors.”

Vlok concludes: “We have had a good 10-year relationship and partnership with Arrive Alive. Together we aim to cultivate safer driving habits and create awareness around vehicle and road safety in South Africa in line with the Department of Transport’s campaigns. I also urge the public to visit Arrive Alive’s website for the various safety tips available.”

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