Ctrack is a winner!

Ctrack is a winner!

Ctrack’s technology rocks! This much was confirmed at the Department of Trade and Industry’s annual Technology Awards, when the Intelligent Freight Security and Visibility System received an award in recognition of technological innovation in the category Advanced Hi-Technology Projects.

Ctrack technology was used to create this system, which makes the status of consignments during transportation visible.  

The system was the brainchild of the Technology and Human Resources Programme (THRIP), which is a research and development programme run by the Department of Trade and Industry and the National Research Foundation.

According to Ctrack Mzansi MD, Charley Pietersen, the movement of freight across borders has been hampered by various factors such as the lack of real-time visibility of freight, border delays and mismanagement at various levels within the freight delivery cycle.

Ctrack saw this as a window for opportunity: “The efficient movement of freight is of utmost importance and it was in this light that got us involved in the programme,” says Pietersen.

He adds: “A vision of profitablCtrack is a winner!e efficiency drives us to improve the security and traceability of freight across borders. International and regional trade is key to the economic success of South Africa.”

Ctrack and THRIP both had equally valuable contributions to bring to the project. THRIP provided the platform for long-standing relationships between key players in the telematics industry and Ctrack contributed its advanced technology – a core aspect of the project.    

“Ctrack contributed its technology to create a rounded solution that provides visibility of the status of consignments throughout transportation,” says Pietersen. “The process delivers end-to-end audit trails through encrypted authorisation codes applying bespoke technology development.”

Overall, the project aims at bringing proudly South African technologies to the market, which will contribute to improving the industry, further expanding economic developments.  

“Ctrack is proud to be the technology partner of such a ground breaking project,” concludes Pietersen.

Take a bow, Ctrack!

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