Expanding the family

Expanding the family

Powerstar, approaching all innovative design and applications with a meticulous business vision in mind: to equalize the benefit of low production cost to customers’ advantage.

The Powerstar brand has made significant progress since its market entry in 2006. This company’s trucks have proven to deliver a high return on investment through low cost factors based on easy maintenance and simplicity of design. Powerstar has pursued this approach without any compromise on quality, and has systematically edged its product performance to a well-earned niche worldwide. This recognition was gained in some of the toughest operating conditions possible, from mountainous terrains to unforgiving mining and demanding construction sites, giving new meaning to the concept of being rugged and dependable.

Powerstar’s vehicles have diligently proven themselves over the past few decades to be ideal for both on- and off-road applications. The hardy 6×4, 8×4, 6×6 and 4×2 tippers, truck tractors, mixers, water tankers and freight carriers are successfully deployed in tough construction, waste management and mining industries.

The company upholds this tradition with its new additions to the family: the V3 and facelifted VX product lines.

It is Powerstar’s vision that the new VX off-road range will steadily replace the current models in these markets. The introduction of the new V3 long-haul range will afford the company an opportunity to position itself in a new, highly competitive, market segment. Powerstar believes it has the upper hand with its competitively priced parts and service support, as end users are increasingly focused on trucks offered at lower fixed costs.

No compromise on the V3 cab planning was made in terms of maximising its spaciousness, enhanced visibility and uniquely designed instrument panel. Overall, the exquisitely sculptured design line is on par with European trends and the ergonomically refined cab design ensures driver comfort and safety.

The robust VX off-road range also features a trendy and improved cab design. The 2628 will be the first VX model introduction in South Africa, followed by the popular 8×4, 6×6 and 4×4 series. Using the renowned powerful and compact Weichai engine, the new VX’s torque output and workhorse capability will be highly competitive. The fuel consumption is excellent and the range is known to offer low cost of maintenance.

As Powerstar prepares for the first VX and V3 model entries in South Africa, the parts replenishment for the new product line will be stocked at the company’s Pietermaritzburg plant in anticipation. This will enable the parts to be dispatched to the company’s national network within 24 hours, and cross border within 72 hours.

The introduction of the new Powerstar product line by no means detracts from the company’s commitment to support and maintain its existing range and older vehicles. The growing service network, including the parts and after sales division, are well positioned to support the 2 000 workhorses currently in operation in Southern Africa. It remains the company’s top priority to minimise vehicle downtime.

”Over the past few years, we have established a sound and growing business platform in South Africa and remain optimistic to actualize our long-term view to extend and strengthen our sub-Saharan network,” says Erwin Stolze, marketing manager and dealer development. “We believe that Powerstar will continue to perform well locally and we are confident that the market will equate our low cost of production with endurance and high value quality.”

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