Eco driving 101

Eco driving 101

With rising fuel prices and the ever looming environmental influence of greenhouse gasses, Ford aims to promote safe, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly driving through its Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) programme – thereby saving money and playing a pivotal role in mitigating the harmful effects of driving on our environment.

What makes the programme different from other advanced driving courses is that it aims to promote eco-driving, while simultaneously tackling the country’s poor road safety record – making it perfect for both fleet and ordinary drivers.

Alisea Chetty, corporate communications manager for the Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA), explains: “The driving programmes generally available in South Africa tend to have a performance bias where they are either designed to promote the performance of a specific vehicle brand, or are marketed as a leisure or lifestyle activity.”

She adds that DSFL is applicable to all South African drivers, no matter their age or the type of vehicle they drive, and incorporates the benefits of safety, fuel efficiency and environmentally conscious driving – with the latter being overlooked in South Africa for far too long.

“At Ford we strive to offer products that are safe, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, however, driver input and behaviour is just as critical and the DSFL programme aims to ensure customers use the technology and features on offer in the optimal manner,” says Chetty.

DSFL is offered to FMCSA employees and customers through the Ford dealer network. More than 1000 employees have already completed the DSFL course and 400 people have been trained at Ford’s dealerships around the country.

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