Explore the benefits of carpooling next week

Explore the benefits of carpooling next week

Carpool Week, an initiative that raises awareness and educates on the benefits of carpooling, with an aim to change behaviour away from the single-occupant car, takes place this year between October 5 and 11.

The theme for Carpool Week 2015 is Carpool Karaoke, which aims to promote the social side of carpooling and the sharing of many personal stories from real carpoolers.

“The fuel price is up 60 percent and there are 22 percent more cars on our roads since 2010,” says Daniel Claassen, Carpool Week catalyst and founder of FindaLift.

“Given the fact that 33 percent of all work trips are done by private vehicle, carpooling can play an important role in fostering behavioural change, reducing our carbon-footprint, saving money and relieving traffic congestion,” he adds.

Claassen says there is a common misunderstanding that carpooling takes away flexibility. “You can reap great rewards from carpooling one day a week, when it suits you. It can save ten percent on your fuel bill and emissions, while possibly making a friend for life.”

He continues: “The social benefits of carpooling are often overlooked. These can have an incredible impact on people’s lives. Small changes can improve our lives and the world in which we live.”

Visit www.carpoolweek.co.za for more stories from real carpoolers, how to promote Carpool Week at the office and how to participate in Carpool Karaoke.

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