Financing the humming wheels

Financing the humming wheels

As head of transport solutions at Standard Bank, Kathy Bell runs a tight ship.

“Our work in the transport segment is diversified and in many instances our service is customised for particular customers based on a combination of competitive advantage, specific products and transportation requirements. My team and I provide support that includes cash flow stress testing, contract and escalation clause assessments, on-site client depot visits, and systems and controls vetting. It is a very exciting place to be!

“Our role is industry specific and as part of this process our specialists ensure that they take an active interest in the issues affecting our customers by supporting representative bodies such as the Road Freight Association and the South African Bus Operators Association.”

Bell strives to build good relationships with role-players such as suppliers, manufactures and specialists. She also attempts to support their initiatives, especially when these involve the promotion of training, safety, efficiency and effective transport services to the economy.

Adapting to the demands of a very dynamic and constantly changing environment is tough. “Transport teams are constantly engaging with role-players and stakeholders to ensure they are in the loop regarding new products, services and developments in the industry.”

The role of an industry specialist in the transport sector is constantly evolving.

“Responses, feedback and increased transaction flow from the customers and sales and credit teams is proof enough that we play a constructive role in enhancing funding solutions for customers that have a passion for a ‘safe driver, safe truck and safe load’ transport business, providing the grease and diesel to keep the wheels of the economy humming!”

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