FleetBoard blows away Bauma

FleetBoard blows away Bauma

Mercedes-Benz is showing customers at the Bauma show how telematics-assisted internet services can help meet the demands and diverse challenges of managing construction transport operations – of and off the construction site.

Its FleetBoard Performance Analysis allows systematic development of fuel-efficient and wear-reducing driving styles, while objective assessment mechanisms ensure the comparability of individual driving performance across all brands and types of operations.

Further, Performance Analysis places due consideration on fuel consumption, brake-related factors and the operational profile. In order to determine the exact fuel consumption while stationary and on the move, FleetBoard indicates the time spent stationary with the engine running.

The FleetBoard map view shows the vehicle coordinator the vehicles’ positions and the course of the trips at a glance, and plans the trips in parallel with its monitoring functions and relays them to the vehicle – together with the geo-coded destination and additional information – for display on the permanently installed DispoPilot.guide or the DispoPilot.mobile terminal.

The vehicle coordinator is able to react to weather-induced delays in construction operations. A message automatically appears in the system when trucks leave or enter production plants or construction sites.

Comprehensive daily analyses – covering working hours, breaks, waiting times as well as laden and unladen mileage – are possible and the statutory documentation and archiving requirements are met.

Access to wheel times and rest periods at the touch of a button, or fully automated download of the data, are possible from the company headquarters without a company card on board the vehicle.

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