Front and kerb mirrors: redundant!

Front and kerb mirrors: redundant!

Dutch company Orlaco, which develops and produces high-quality camera and monitor systems for a wide variety of vehicles and vessels, has negated the need for truck manufacturers to equip their vehicles with mirrors…

It has become the first company to receive Dutch national road traffic agency (RDW) approval to deliver a camera/monitor system that replaces mirrors for both front and kerb view. The system, CornerEye, is expected to increase safety and decrease damages in the transport industry.

Until now, camera and monitor systems were only allowed on trucks when combined with either front or kerb-view mirrors. CornerEye is the first system that makes front and kerb-view truck mirrors redundant.

The RDW has tested the system according to the R46 guideline for indirect view and has given its approval for its application. The first trucks that use this system are in already in use.

Front and kerb mirrors: redundant!CornerEye consists of a high-definition camera and monitor. The camera, with wide-angle lens, is mounted on the right front side of the cabin and provides a large 270º field of vision – expanding the driver’s field view. The 10,1-inch monitor is mounted in the cabin on the passenger side and shows a real-time image.

“CornerEye’s advantages are extensive and diverse. Most importantly, traffic safety is improved. Cameras provide better view and image quality than regular mirrors. Proper view and image quality are also guaranteed under unfavourable circumstances, such as rain, fog, snow, and bright sunlight.

“The light-sensitive camera provides proper vision at night and the sturdy housing effectively protects against water and chemicals. The risk for accidents and damages is greatly reduced, which, in turn, reduces the insurance rate and amount of consequential damages,” the company explains.

Furthermore, Orlaco believes that the lack of mirrors decreases drag and thus saves fuel.

The system is not hindered by other electronics in the truck − such as a radio, navigational systems and cellphones − and does not interfere with their operation.

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