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Vehicles arrive at the Engen Lebombo One Stop during Truck Test 2015.

For the fifth consecutive event, Engen is continuing its fuel sponsorship of the Truck Test. Mike Stead, commercial sales manager at Engen, explains why the company remains committed to this initiative

Engen, as the leading fuel supplier to the transport sector, has numerous strategically located truck stops throughout South Africa that cater specifically for trucks and drivers. It also offers rewards to regular customers through its Engen Truck Stop Loyalty Plus programme. “The trucking industry is an important and key focus sector for Engen,” explains Stead.

“We have the largest refuelling network of Truck Stop and retail One Stop outlets with Dynamic Diesel available around the clock. Engen Truck Stop offers long-distance drivers a break with specially designed amenities. Drivers are also encouraged to join the loyalty programme. The Roadside Wellness Clinic, with on-site medical facilities, is also available to all truck drivers at selected Engen Truck Stops,” says Stead.

Engen has been a proud sponsor of the Truck Test since the event’s inception. “Since 2012, Engen has sponsored all the Dynamic Diesel used by the truck manufacturers during the various Truck Tests. These events are always eagerly anticipated by the industry,” Stead comments.

“Our involvement provides the opportunity to strengthen our relationships with various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), while allowing them to showcase their technology,” he notes.

Mike Stead, commercial sales manager at Engen, says the Truck Test is an opportunity to build and maintain relationships with original equipment manufacturers.“Transporters value this initiative, since this provides them with extensive insight for optimum fleet selections,” Stead says.

Engen will once again be sponsoring all the Engen Dynamic 50 ppm diesel used in the event. “Truck Test gives Engen the opportunity to promote its Dynamic Diesel 50 ppm technology and quality. It makes sense for us to sponsor the diesel,” Stead comments.

“Engen Dynamic Diesel 50 ppm is formulated with additive fuel technology that has the potential to maintain all diesel engines at their peak design conditions. The multifunctional detergent additive package in Engen Dynamic Diesel contains a combination of deposit-control chemistries that restore and maintain power.

“Engen Dynamic Diesel 50 ppm also contains anti-foam components, which reduce the tendency of foaming usually associated with standard diesel, and provides for spill-free, cleaner, faster and more-efficient refuelling, keeping the vehicles and equipment working for longer periods. We want all trucks to perform at their peak by refuelling with our best technology,” explains Stead.

“Engen has the technical experience to provide transporters with across-the-board solutions. Our Engen Diesel Club (EDC) card and E-fuel cordless tag system provide convenient, cashless refuelling at Engen’s network of truck stops and service stations. This holistic fuel-management and control solution has been specially designed to make refuelling simpler, more convenient and more cost effective,” he notes.

“At our Truck Stops and One Stops we also offer a range of high-performance lubricants that are purpose-suited for the transport industry. We also stock AdBlue under the trade name of Air1 for truck technology that requires emission fluids. We have seen phenomenal growth in the use of emission fluids as more and more Euro-5 and Euro-6 vehicles are released locally,” Stead explains.

This year, Truck Test will be a one-day event taking place on March 29. In previous years it was up to a three-day event. “We have already started planning and allocating the necessary resources to make this event a success,” says Stead.

“We believe that it is important that we demonstrate our commitment as a major player in this sector. Truck Test will, therefore, remain a priority for us in the long term,” Stead concludes.

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