Getting the show on the road

Getting the show on the road

Serco is assisting the Joburg Theatre to take the joy of stage productions to a wider audience, conveniently and professionally. The company has created a show trailer for the theatre to take its shows to the people – especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds – thus allowing them easier access to theatre productions.

The aim was for audiences in remote areas, as well as at major festive gatherings, to be able to experience the productions as though they were actually sitting in a theatre. This required duplicating the dynamics of a theatre and ensuring the safe and quick set up of a mobile stage.
The project began with Serco developing a full 3D model to allow the client to visualise the show trailer and its features.
The final trailer is 15,5-m long with a hydraulically actuated, 10-m section of sidewall, which folds out to create a 50-m2 stage. The roof can be raised hydraulically by an additional 1,4 m to a total height of 5,8 m. This serves to create an amphitheatre effect and to cater for the extensive lighting suspended from aluminium girders.
The superstructure is built to accommodate a 38-kVA generator, housed in a separate compartment, with pneumatic actuators that slide the generator out for ease of service. The electrical system can provide power for ample lighting and sound equipment resulting in a complete theatre experience.
The trailer also incorporates a fully equipped backstage change room, while curtaining extends throughout the sides and rear of the stage area, hiding the mechanical sections of the trailer to give the appearance of a permanent structure.
When the show is over, the equipment can be packed away and stowed on the vehicle. The stage and roof is folded away hydraulically so that the mobile theatre has the appearance of a standard box trailer.

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