GMSA aids easy breathing

GMSA aids easy breathing

According to recent studies, pneumonia and respiratory illnesses are responsible for the largest number of childhood deaths in South Africa.

A donation of medical equipment to the New Somerset Hospital, in the Western Cape, by General Motors South Africa (GMSA) will help save the lives of children with respiratory distress and pneumonia.

The handover of a high-flow nasal oxygen unit was driven by GMSA’s Employee Benefits Division through its Health and Wellness programme, which was introduced in 2001. It targets GMSA employees, their families and communities as well as retirees who previously worked for the company.

Doctor Donna Stokes, CEO at New Somerset Hospital, says that, with the new equipment, staff are now able to stabilise children more quickly, shorten their hospital stay and lessen the anxiety of having to receive treatment.

“Medical staff and parents have all been amazed by how quickly the children settle and breathe more easily. One of the nurses has labelled it ‘the miracle machine’. We feel empowered to be able to treat our young patients and offer them a world-class service,” she adds.
The high-flow oxygen unit warms and moistens the airflow making it easier for the young patient to breathe. The machine also provides them with a more comfortable experience, enabling their lungs to operate habitually.

Before GMSA donated the machine, children with pneumonia and respiratory illnesses had to be transferred to the Red Cross Hospital for treatment.

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