Handy hand-outs that could save lives

Handy hand-outs that could save lives

Roads will be abuzz as Easter is upon us and the best way to prevent on-road hassles like a flat tyre, or even a traumatic accident, is to take your vehicle for a quick safety check by an expert eye. Here Hi-Q is stepping up to the plate, offering free safety checks through its countrywide tyre fitment network.

Lize Hayward, Hi-Q communications manager, says: “Tyres may look fine, but they will be significantly safer, perform better and be more fuel efficient if they are optimally balanced and correctly inflated.” She adds that a tyre underinflated by 20 percent can increase fuel consumption by as much as 10 percent.

“It also reduces the tread life of the tyre, which means you may have to replace it sooner than necessary,” Hayward points out. “Most importantly though, it’s dangerous. If tyres are incorrectly inflated, the vehicle won’t accelerate, brake or steer properly and safety devices like antilock braking systems may not function correctly.”

But Hi-Q doesn’t just inspect the tyres, it conducts a 10-piont safety check on all vehicles. “This entails checking all four tyres plus the spare for tread depth and pressure, the front and rear shock absorbers, the brake pads, discs and fluid, as well as the battery, exhaust and wiper  blades,” explains Hayward – adding that this comprehensive check is an absolutely free service as road safety is a key driver behind the Hi-Q brand.

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