High-tech tech for two wheels

High-tech tech for two wheels

Companies with staff who need to make their way across town on just two wheels can now rest assured that they will be able to do so safely and efficiently, with the use of TomTom’s new RIDER navigation device for motorcyclists.

The RIDER is pre-installed with a full map of Africa including 57 countries, with free lifetime map updates. The map coverage includes over seven million kilometres of tarred and dirt roads.

With TomTom’s Lifetime Traffic feeds a real-time map allows riders to choose the safest route, based on the amount of congestion at any given time of day.

For the adventurer, the RIDER allows bikers to discover and explore new routes by selecting an area on the map and allowing the device to suggest a route. Bikers can share touring adventures with friends and upload them directly onto their TomTom RIDER.

A rotating mount allows bikers to switch to portrait view, while the device is glove-friendly and has Bluetooth-enabled audio so that instructions are delivered to the rider’s headset or helmet. It also has hands-free calling, a trip recording function and is weatherproof.

More details can be found here.

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