How have the wheels been turning?

How have the wheels been turning?

During September, the Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (Redisa) commissioned an independent industry survey to measure the current sentiments, among key players, regarding Redisa. It also aimed to identify issues or concerns that need to be addressed …

Research house GfK conducted a five-minute computer-assisted, telephone interviewing (CATI) survey. Using a database provided by Redisa, GfK generated a random sample among various industry groups. These included 90 subscribers (tyre manufacturers and importers); 200 dealerships currently being serviced; and 200 dealerships that are not being serviced.

“The sample was post-weighted to reflect the current industry proportions,” notes Redisa. The survey found that 96 percent considered waste tyre management to be important and 49 percent felt the waste management fee is going to good use. “The respondents who questioned where the fee is going tended to be unserviced dealers.”

Just over 60 percent felt that Redisa’s work is valued by the tyre industry, but 24 percent disagreed. About the same figures were delivered when it came to the perception of Redisa’s impact – 58 percent said that it is making a positive impact, while 26 percent disagreed.

“Confidence in delivery of the five-year roll out plan is generally low across all industry players, particularly among subscribers and unserviced dealerships,” notes Redisa. “In addition to eventual nationwide coverage, regular servicing is a focus area that serviced dealerships highlight.”

Stacey Davidson, director at Redisa, adds: “We appreciate the time and effort by industry to participate in this survey, and have found the results very informative. As with any new business, or industry development, teething problems are to be expected.

“We have worked through a number of both expected and unexpected challenges this year, and look forward to continuing to work together with industry to ensure that the five-year roll out of the Redisa plan moves from strength to strength.”

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