IBM drives innovation

IBM drives innovation

IBM’s entrepreneur programme has produced a new mobile application vehicle alert system, called Road Buddy, intended to address road users’ growing need for a more proactive approach to road safety.

Road Buddy works by transmitting warning signals from more vulnerable road users – such as cyclists, joggers, pedestrians, motorists and emergency vehicles – to other motor vehicles and emergency vehicles, trucks and buses.

The unique aspect of Road Buddy is that it’s designed to facilitate a global send-and-receive warning system to road users IBM drives innovation anywhere in the world. This system is built on new cloud computing technology that enables the company to offer the service on a global scale, and not only in a single country or geographical region.

Road Buddy was conceptualised in 2006, by local entrepreneur Werner van der Westhuizen, of EMEWS Vehicle Warning Systems.

He explains: “We decided to partner with IBM, via its entrepreneur programme, to bring this new technology to market and support the ambition to take it global. The opportunity exists to save lives and that’s totally invaluable. If, by using this application, we all become a little more aware and a little safer, then we will have succeeded.”

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